IFAF Europe Media Department on 03/07/2015

IFAF Europe Executive Committee meeting was held on Feb 15th, where a lot of important decisions have been made.


European Championship for Men cycle 2015 – 2018

Executive Committee has decided on the new system of the competition and the outlook will be (more detailed information will be sent out to all federations):


Qualification games for 8 spots in two B groups . Time frame for qualification games will be from August 15th to the weekend of October 31st.  Depending on the  rankings and number of applications, qualification matchups will be decided for two B groups that will be played in 2016.


B1 and B2 groups are played using both regional and ranking principle. It will be final four tournament format (4 teams, Friday/Sunday games), and the  winners will advance to A group qualification game.


Denmark vs. higher ranked B group winner; Sweden vs. lower ranked B group winner for 2 spots for A group in 2018. Two host teams will cover part of the expenses of the visiting teams.


A group (six best European teams playing, best four from previous EC automatically qualify – Germany, Austria, France, Finland plus winner of the two qualification games which will be held in 2017).

This format would save a lot of costs for participating teams and it would make it possible to include more countries in the qualifying cycle, while the top competition (A group) will stay with the 6 best European teams.


European Flag Championship, 2015 

Championship will be held in Pinto (Madrid), September 16-20th. Spanish  Federation offered the best terms for visiting teams, facilities and the venue for the Championship.


European Flag Championship, 2017

Hosting rights awarded to Czech Republic. Championship will be held in Prague. Czech had the best offer, and the Committee is delighted, since this is the first time for Czech to host any European Championship. This goes in line with politics of Executive Board to have as many new hosts for IFAF Europe events as possible.


European Flag U-15 Championship, 2016 

After IFAF Europe completed a survey about flag football in Europe, decision has been made to start a mixed competition – since most countries have U-15 programs (both girls and boys) and most suggested to start a U-15 flag competition in Europe.


Women’s Club Team Championship, 2015 

Executive Committee has decided to explore the possibility of Women’s Club Team Championship, which is projected to start in autumn of 2015. This goes in line with the policy of developing women’s tackle football in Europe, and also in the line of IOC requirement for gender balance in sports.  

Person who will be in charge for the potential future competition, and also point of contact, is Mr. Michal Rosival (Czech Federation).