Noronen Registered as IFAF President

IFAF on 02/15/2016

Earlier today IFAF President Roope Noronen wrote to IFAF members. A copy of the text is below:


Dear members,

I write following the recent uncertainty in the leadership of the International Federation of American Football (IFAF) and my statement from January - a copy of which can be found on

I can confirm that in our organization's legal seat in Paris, the Minutes of the Congress which saw me elected as President and Minette Rogner elected as Secretary, stand as the authoritative documentation. This documentation lists the remaining IFAF Executive Board as consisting of:

Mac Kaneuji

Scott Hallenbeck

Goran Nisavic

Veronica Salas

Michael Ryan

Richard MacLean

Dr. KK Park

Ahmed Benelcadi

Jorge Orobio Rosas

Kasper Linden

Marc-Angelo Soumah

We are currently going through the process with our lawyers of repatriating IFAF's assets, both financial and other, to the control of the Executive Board.

We request that until further notice no payments are made to IFAF for global matters.

We can also confirm that the meeting scheduled by Mr. Wiking in March is not legitimate and does not represent IFAF business.

As detailed in my previous statement, details of the 2016 Congress will be published shortly.

Please note that the social media accounts are not under our control and is not representative of our Executive Board.

Please use the address of our lawyers for any future hard copy correspondence:

IFAF. C/o Alexia Mousques | SCPA Bertrand & Associe | 15 boulevard Richard Lenoir | 75011 | Paris.

Yours sincerely,

Roope Noronen