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Football Americano Argentina was formed by a group of people with the common interest of practicing and making American football and its variations a popular sport in Argentina.

The federation’s task force is composed from experienced professionals that have put together their best efforts to build an excellent program both in the developing of the sport and character in the athletes. Among these professionals are coaches, strength and conditioning trainers, experts in long-term development athletes programs, physicians and players who excel in sports in foreign countries.

Football Americano Argentina, a non-profit organization, was founded in 2004 after eight years of hard work, with the primary goal of developing and growing all the activities related to American football in Argentina.

Mission: to serve as a governing body of both American football and sports activities in general in Argentina

Values: Football Americano Argentina brings together the development of relationships between players, coaches and their families. Due to that, the most important aspect is to increase the intellectual development, fellowship, teamwork, leadership, loyalty, integration and a healthy way of life and to provide athletes with an environment to have fun.

Federation: Football Americano Argentina (FAA)
Youth Category (15-19 years old)
Champions Tazón Austral U-19
2007 – Aztecas
2008 – Coyotes
2009 – Coyotes
2010 – Aztecas
2011 – Aztecas
2012 – Aztecas
Major Category (19-45 years old)

Tiburones, Osos Polares, Cruzados, Jabalíes, Corsarios, Legionarios

Champions Tazón Austral
2005 – Tiburones
2006 – Jabalíes
2007 – Tiburones
2008 – Cruzados
2009 – Cruzados
2010 – Corsarios
2011 – Legionarios
2012 – Corsarios
Board Members:
President: Tomás Hurden
Vice President: Federico Kurz
Treasurer: Martin Gutierrez
Website: www.faarg.com.ar
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FAARGONLINE
Email: info@faarg.com.ar

Quick Facts

Mt. Aconcagua of Argentina is the tallest mountain in South America.
The popular dance form 'Tango' belongs to Argentina.
Argentina is the third largest beef producer in the world.

Javier Alejandro L'Episcopo

Phone: 54-11-5167-6817
Fax: +54-11-5167-6817
Email: Info@faarg.com.ar