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American football has been played in Mexico since the early 1920s at different colleges and universities.  In 1928 the first professional championship was played, and as more universities and colleges joined the championship, four categories - called fuerzas - were created.  The First Fuerza became the National League in 1970, and in 1978 it was reorganized under the present league, ONEFA. Mexico has many leagues with college, junior, and youth leagues under the guidance of the country's national federation Federación Mexicana de Fútbol Americano, A. C.

Mexico boasts four players who have been members of the NFL International Practice Squad Program and spent the 2008 NFL training camp, preseason and regular season on the practice squads of NFL teams.  Linebacker Eduardo Castadena (Arizona Cardinals), defensive tackle Mauricio Lopez (Oakland Raiders), linebacker Manuel Padilla (Denver Broncos), tackle Ramiro Pruneda (San Francisco 49ers) and defensive tackle Saloman Solano (Baltimore Ravens) all excelled in their native Mexico before progressing to the NFL.

Mexico is no stranger to international competition at the collegiate age level.  The Aztec Bowl is an NCAA-sanctioned college Division III post-season bowl game that has been played intermittently since at least 1950.  With one exception, all of the games have been played at locations in Mexico and since 1997 the bowl has featured a team of AFCA Division III All-Stars against a team of Mexican All-Stars.  The Aztec Bowl is traditionally played in mid-December.

Federation:  Federación Mexicana de Fútbol Americano
Organizaction Nacional Estudiantil De Futbol Americano (ONEFA) 

Federacion Mexicano American Futbol
Av. ro Churubusco puerta 9 ciudad deport
08010 Mexico - D.F.

Website: www.fmfamericano.com          

Quick Facts

The first printing press in North America was used in Mexico City in 1539
Mexico introduced chocolate to the world
Mexico City has the highest elevation and is the oldest city in North America and it is also one of the largest cities in the world

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