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Federation:  Federación Deportiva Peruana de Fútbol Americano - FPFA
Motto: "Remember, there is always someone much stronger than you, and the weak who trains hard to win you"
Website: www.fpfa.com.pe
Facebook: www.facebook.com/federacionperuanafutbolamericano
Email: informes@fpfa.com.pe
Arequipa 1704
Distrito Lince
Lima - Perú

Quick Facts

The present city of Cuzco (south east) was the imperial capital of Tawantinsuyu and center of Inca culture.
The archaeological site of Caral-Supe (Lima) represents the oldest civilization in America, developed almost simultaneously with Mesopotamia, Egypt, India and China.
The Peruvian territory has a high variety of climate, flora and fauna.
The natural landscapes are on the coast, in the Andes in the jungle.