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The Bahamas American Football Federation, the Bahamas Youth Football (BYF) program is open for any individual, high school age, to participate.   Moreover, it is expected that through the growth and development of the federation’s program initiatives, the participant group will increase to include all school-age individuals who are interested in playing the sport of American football. 

Key objectives of BAFF are:

-     Apply positive youth development through sport model to effect social change and produce outcomes that will lead to successful completion of secondary education and increased attendance and successful matriculation during post-secondary education;

-     Empower persons of influence to serve as sport coaches, mentors, counselors and program supporters by providing training opportunities, resources and technical support

-     Examine, evaluate and educate program participants, families, and program stakeholders on areas of public health concerns and issues;

-     Build community support coalitions to strengthen, create and maintain networks of support for the program.

During 2007 on the island of Grand Bahama, Bahamas Youth Football (BYF) was a catalyst in brining the sport of American Football as an organized, competitive sport to the U-19 players in the country.

Eight teams were formed, spanning Grand Bahama Island (320 players) and 71 Bahamian Coaches, 10 Bahamaian officials. 

BAFF became a member of the Pan-American Federation of American Football (PAFAF) and IFAF in 2008.  The Bahamas Junior National Team (75 eligible players) took a roster selected from from islands – Abaco, Bimini, Grand Bahama and New Providence – and Bahamian Citizens rom Miami, Florida (US) to Panama to compete in a qualifying game for the 2009 IFAF Junior World Championship Qualification Game in Panama City, Panama, losing 52-6.

BAFF continues to work to develop the sport by further developing the BYF Tackle and Flag Football Bahamas programs on four to five islands:  Abaco, Bimini, Exuma, Grand Bahama and New Providence.  The Federation is also planning college tours, camps and combine for its members and coach/official trainings and clinics to further develop the sport in the Bahamas.

Bahamas American Football Federation utilizes empowerment model programs that allow for all interested groups to establish and maintain the financial resources and support necessary to sustain its grassroots community-based initiatives.  BAFF and its programs establish and build community support coalitions to support it and actively participate in the positive development of the youth of the respective communities and country. 
The Bahamas American Football Federation is organized and operated democratically and without any racial, religious, political or gender discrimination.

Federation: Bahamas American Football Federation (BAFF)

Bahamas American Football Federation
P.O. Box F-44836
Freeport, Grand Bahamas
The Bahamas

Email: baff_bs@hotmail.com



Quick Facts

It is an archipelago, consisting of more than 700 islands
A few islands in the Bahamas have actually been bought by certain people and companies - for example both Michael Jordan and Walt Disney World both have their own islands in the Bahamas
Tourism is the main industry

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