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The Uruguayan League of American Football (LUFA) is a non profit organization with a main goal, to promote and spread the practice of American Football in Uruguay, by remarking its good values, such as friendship and leadership.
LUFA has three categories: SENIOR, JUNIOR (U 19) and FEMALE FLAG FOOTBALL. There is a strong commitment to develop young players to ensure the growth of the league.
5 teams play every year for the National Championship: BARBARIANS, CUERVOS EMPERADORES, GOLDEN BULLS and SPARTANS.
The National Team, CHARRUAS, has been playing International Games since 2005 in both categories, Senior and Junior, looking forward to participate in competitions organized by IFAF.
Website: www.lufa.com.uy
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lufa.oficial

Twitter: @LUFA_info
Youtube: @2012lufa
Email: info@lufa.com.uy

Quick Facts

Uruguay's only land border is with Brazil to the north
The Uruguay national football team is one of only five nations to win the FIFA soccer World Cup on two or more occasions
Uruguay is the second smallest sovereign nation in South America after Suriname

Maximilian Kahn

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