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Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands Flag Football Association ("CIFFA") is the national governing body of Flag Football in the Cayman Islands. Founded in 2001 as a non-profit organisation, its membership body has grown to more than 500 who all participate in the annual Summer, CO-ED, I-CUP, Beach and Youth Leagues. The main objectives of the association are the development and promotion of the sport in the Cayman Islands through annual leagues, camps and general events. The association also focuses on the selection and fielding of the national team who represent the Cayman Islands in international competitions such as the Annual World Cup of Flag Football. Ongoing efforts have also been put in place to ensure the purchase of a facility in the near future.

 CIFFA is governed by an Executive Committee who were all appointed and elected by active members as well as members from the general public. All members are volunteers with experience in the sport who simply want to improve social life and culture through Flag Football. The Executive Committee currently consists of:
President - Phil Brown
Vice President - Brendon Malice
Treasurer - Rex Whittaker
Secretary - Sophie Dilbert
Public Relations Officer - Kathy Miller
Website Coordinator - Stephanie Watler stephanie.watler@hotmail.com
Fundraising Coordinator - Lilia Conolly lilia.conolly@gmail.com
Women's Coordinator - Jessica Pawlik
Men's League Representative - Oliver Parker
Youth Coordinator - Kyle Broadhurst kyle@broadhurstbarristers.com
Field Coordinator - Andrew Wisdom wizzie212002@yahoo.com
Founder - Marcus Cumber MCumber@islandair.ky
Founder - George Hydes George.Hydes@waterauthority.ky