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FEDFACH is the National Governing Body of American Football in Chile, where the sport has been played with rules and solid organization since 2004. In 2010 the Federation was founded to take the sport to a higher level.

The objectives of the Federation is to promote and spread the practice of the sport in the country, establish the technical and safety rules to ensure the good practice, organizing national and international competitions, and is responsible for the Chilean National Teams on the different categories.

-  Adultos/Senior
-  Juveniles/Junior (U21)
-  Female Flag Football
Official Name: Federación Deportiva Nacional de Fútbol Americano de Chile (FEDFACH)
Website: www.fedfach.com
Email: directorio@fedfach.com                 
Address: Av. Atlántico 4004 departameto 136-A, Gomez Carreño, Viña del Mar, Chile
Phone: (+56-9) 757 89 872
President:                 Jaime Bustamante

Vice-President:         Jaime Bruyer

Secretary:                 Jose Luis Varela

Treasurer:                 Roberto Guzman

Director:                    Andrés Herrera

International Representative on IFAF:   Jaime Bustamante

Jaime Bustamante

Phone: (+56-9) 757 89 872
Email: directorio@fedfach.com