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The Colombian Federation of American Football has existed since 2008, it is a nonprofit organization and are duly registered on the Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá CCB; FECOFA is the institution that integrates and support to the movement of the American Football in Colombia, grouping the different associations dedicatded to the practice of football, supporting them on his thecnichal development; promoting a culture of exemplary competition based on the integrity, offering as opportune as adecuate information to the interested parts in the country.

Our Mission is to spread, to promote, to regulate, and to contribute to the development of the American Football in Colombia both in his concept and in the practice of all his manifestations, positioning this sport from the recreative level to the competitive one, doing emphasis in the promotion of very own values of the game as honesty, passion, sacrifice, discipline, teamwork, commitment, impartiality, sportsmanship.

The teams participating in the National Tournament on 2012 Tackle are:
PUMAS DC                              Bogotá
TOROS                                    Manizales
SKULLS                                   Bogotá
HUNTERS                                 Medellín
LOBOS                                     Medellín
OLYMPUS                                 Zipaquirá
YAKS                                       Bogotá
FALCONS                                 Bogotá
TITANES                                  Cali
*There is also a high school flag football league with several teams.

Quick Facts

The name Colombia is derived from the name Christopher Columbus.
Colombia is the only country in South America that has access to both the Pacific and Caribbean ocean, having three mountain chains in his territory.
Colombia produces 60% of the world's most expensive Emeralds

Juan Carlos Barbano Rosa

Phone: ecofa@gmail.com
Email: info@fecofa.com.co