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The Irish American Football Association is comprised of affiliated associations of the Irish American Football League (IAFL), Coaches Association (IAFCA), Officials Association (IAFOA) and Flag Football Association (IFFA).

Team Ireland has a management structure that reports to the Association Board.  A Youth Football Association and a Cheerleaders Association are under development.
The IAFA has 11 teams playing 11-a-side American football in one national league in two conferences (North and South) and five teams playing the 8-a-side game in a national development league.

The annual championship game of Ireland is the Shamrock Bowl and the season runs from march to July in 2012.

Federation: Irish American Football Association (IAFA)

Executive Committee:
President:  Greg Loughran
Secretary: Cillian Smith
IAFL Chairman: Terry Lynch
IAFCA Chairman: Tony Judge
IAFOA Chairman:  Tony Rivers
IFFA Chairman: Greg Loughran

Website:     www.AmericanFootball.ie

Quick Facts

There are more mobile phones in Ireland than there are people
It has been estimated that more than 80 million people of Irish descent live outside of Ireland
Ireland is home to the internationally renowned music group U2

Greg Loughran

Phone: +44-7757-672384
Email: greg@americanfootball.ie

Cillian Smith

Phone: 00353874158196
Email: cillian@americanfootball.ie