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President: Marc Watry
Secretary: Gast Schoumacker
Treasurer: Eric Unger 

American Football Federation Luxembourg
82 rue de la gare
L - 8325 Capellen
Website:      http://www.affl.lu/

Quick Facts

Beneath the fortress of Luxembourg, there are around 13 miles of hidden underground passages
It is the country housing the largest number of banks
The RTL (Radio-Television-Luxembourg) Group is Europe's largest TV, radio and production company

Marc Watry

Phone: +352 661 310 067
Email: marc.watry@affl.lu

Gast Schoumacker

Phone: +352 661 554 871
Email: gast.schoumacker@affl.lu

Eric Unger

Phone: +352 621 316 872
Email: eric.unger@affl.lu