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Norwegian Federation of American Sports (NAIF)– American Football Norway (AFN) 
NAIF is an multiple sport federation consisting of 4 sports; cheerleading, lacrosse, disk sports (frisbee) and American football.
NoAFF and The Norwegian disk sports federation merged at the beginning of 2010 and Lacrosse was taken in as a new sport in Norway the same time.

The AFN has 1,500 members at 19 clubs and plays at U12, U14, U16, U19 and senior levels.
Website: www.amerikanskeidretter.no

Norges Amerikanske Fotball og Cheerleading Forbund
Serviceboks, 1 Ullevall
N-O840 Oslo

Quick Facts

The Jostedalsbreen, in Norway, is the largest glacier in Northern Europe
From late May to late July, the sun never completely descends beneath the horizon, thus Norway’s nickname, “Land of the Midnight Sun”
As per Encyclopedia Britannica, Norwegians read more than any other population in the world

Christian Bergan

Phone: +47 47 20 15 96
Email: Christian.bergan@noaff.no

Marie Solhaug

Phone: +47 90 68 70 12
Email: marie.solhaug@noaff.no

NOAFF (The Norwegian American Football and Cheerleading federation)

Phone: +47 47 20 15 96
Fax: +47 21 02 90 03
Email: Noaff@nif.idrett.no