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The Slovak Association of American Football (SAAF) is the governing body of American Football in Slovakia. It takes part in the organization of all the competitions related to the Slovak Championship. SAAF is responsible for the expansion and popularization of the sport. In Slovakia, American Football is played under the 7v7, 11v11 and Flag Football variants. SAAF was formed in the year 2010 due to the fussion of the SZAF and SAAF. SAAF is a member of the IFAF from a year 2013. The current president of the association is Ivan Labuda (from January 2014). Until 2013, SAAF counted 9 members.
Federation: Slovak Association of American Football (SAAF)
Address: Kajsa 1, Lužianky  951 41, Slovakia
Web site: www.saaf.sk
Facebook site: www.facebook.com/American.football.in.Slovakia

Quick Facts

Martina Hingis was born in Slovakia
Štefan Banič, 1870-1941, invented the first actively used parachute, patenting it in 1913
Famous American, Andy Warhol, is of Slovak descent, his parents immigrated from north-east Slovakia

SAAF Office

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Email: info@saaf.sk

Jan Polak

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Email: jan.polak@saaf.sk