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Football in Slovenia began developing in 2001 with the first Slovenian team being formed, the Ljubljana Silverhawks. Since then 6 other tackle teams were formed in different regions of Slovenia, developing football on a national level. The top 3 teams are also competing in international leagues CEFL and the AAFL. Besides that, the national championship is organized in 2 leagues, giving opportunities also to new teams and JV programs.
Also several flag football programs have developed all over the country, bringing football closer to the youth and women. Slovenia, despite being one of the smallest nations in Europe with only 2 million inhabitants, has great all around athletes and therefore a great opportunity to compete on an international level. There is a big interest in playing football in Slovenia, but the teams are having difficulties financing and getting equipment for new players. Therefore the Slovenian American Football Association is trying to bring in football equipment, which would bring football closer to a wider audience.
Slovenian federation is trying hard to develop flag and tackle football, starting with new junior programs in different cities. With an upcoming better recognition of football and possible donations of equipment, there is a long term goal to start playing football in schools and organizing competitions already at an early age.
If any federation is willing to help, please contact our president at jernej.pavlic@zans.si.
Federation: ZANS (Slovenian American Football Association)
Address: Vurnikova 8, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone: +38641837840
Email: info@zans.si
Web: www.zans.si
President: Jernej Pavlič
Email: jernej.pavlic@zans.si
Phone: +38641837840

Quick Facts

The vine seen growing Slovenia is believed to the oldest vine in the world, as much as 400 years old
Slovenia is home to as many as 260 waterfalls
Lipizzaner horses, known throughout the world, originate from Lipica in Slovenia

Jernej Pavlič

Phone: +38641837840
Email: jernej.pavlic@zans.si