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FEFA was founded in June 2007 and reach the status of Spanish Federation by Spanish Ministry of sports on 2nd February 2012 as legal successor of AEFA.
At this moment Spain has Senior, Junior, Women, Flag under 13 and Flag under 15 national teams, which have participated in all the European competitions.
Spain has a First Division club team competition featuring 6 teams, a Second Division with 19 teams and a Junior National League with 16 teams.
Federation: Federacion Española de Futbol Americano (FEFA)
Board Members:
Enrique Garcia de Castro, presidente@fefa.es
Javier Carrasco, jcarrascoj55@gmail.com
Artur Valien, fefa@fefa.es
Xus Fernandez, xus_soc@yahoo.es
Jose Luis Soler, dragspresi@yaoo.es
Azucena Muñoz, mariaazucena1984@gmail.com
Jose Ingacio Ruiz, iosu_coyote@hotmail.com
Gabi Nieto, president.reds@gmail.com
Alex Grande, alex.grande@heraholding.com
Enrique Mora, kikemora@terra.com
Christian Llitjos, FEFA Communications, prensa@fefa.es 

Senior Head Coach: Xus Fernandez, xus_soc@yahoo.es
Junior Head Coach: Aitor Trabado, aitor.trabado@aefaweb.com
c/Provenza, 537 Entlo. A
Office email: fefa@fefa.es
Website: www.fefa.es

Quick Facts

The locals of Spain have lunch at 2 p.m. and dinner at around 9 to 10 p.m.
Requesting for a second serving is taken as an indication that you liked the food
Rafael Nadal, one of the world’s greatest tennis players is from Spain