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The Swiss Football League (SFL) was founded in Lugano on December 26, 1982.  The first Swiss Championship comprising of eight teams in one league was played four years later and then in 1987 teams took part in international and European Championships and still do so today.
October 10, 1987 saw a change in the Federations from SFL to SAFV (Schweizerischer American Football Verband) and two years later the federation became a member of the Swiss Olympic Association.
In 2003 the SAFV became a member of both and EFAF (European American Football Federation) and full membership of IFAF was granted in 2007.
Switzerland has three national teams.  The seniors claimed third place at the European Championship (Group C) in 2007 in Austria, the juniors qualified for the European Junior Championship in 2004, 2006 and 2008, while the junior flag teams have played at U13 and U15 levels at the EFAF Championships for many years.
Switzerland also has several women’s teams and is currently trying to establish a women’s national team.
Federation: Schweizerischer American Football Verband (SAFV)
Glenn Chase
E-Mail: president@safv.ch

Delmus Pinkston III
E-Mail: vicepresident@safv.ch
Nitonde Nyandwi
E-Mail: info@safv.ch
Technical Director
Jens Müller
Telefon: +41 76 566 67 32
E-Mail: tk@safv.ch
E-Mail: finance@safv.ch
Legal Consultant
Christian Jungen
E-Mail: legal@safv.ch
Flag Football Director
Flavio Gervasi
E-Mail: flagfootball@safv.ch
U16 Director
Dieter Beyeler
E-Mail: u16@safv.ch
Félix Boni
E-Mail: licence@safv.ch
Juniors Comissioner
Claudio Spescha
E-Mail: nachwuchs@safv.ch 
National Teams
Christian Krattiger
E-Mail: nationalmannschaft@safv.ch
Referee Director
Raymond Fouillet
E-Mail: referee@safv.ch
Anti-Doping Director
Raymond Fouillet
E-Mail: doping@safv.ch
Events Manager
Marco Hösli
E-Mail: events@safv.ch

Press Manager
Valérie Durussel
E-Mail: press@safv.ch

Website:   www.SAFV.ch

Quick Facts

Switzerland is known for its renowned and luxurious watch brands (i.e. Rolex)
A new president is elected every year
Geneva is the home to the European headquarters for several organizations, such as: United Nations, World Trade Organization, World Economic Forum, and the World Health Organization

Dieter Witschi

Phone: +41 79 631 97 44
Email: president@safv.ch

Silvia Guntern

Phone: +41
Email: info@safv.ch