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American football was first played in Turkey in 1980, though the first American Football team was not formed until up Bogazici University took the initiative several years later.
Since 1993, the sport has spread through the country's leading universities, such as Hacettepe, Istanbul Technical and Marmara.  By 2002 the number of teams playing the game was 13.
The need to coordinate the teams playing American football led to the American Football Federation of Turkey being established in 1997.  Since then, in association with other organizations championing minor sports such as baseball and rugby, national leagues and tournaments have been active in various universities, enabling many young people to come together to compete in the sport. 
By 2001, the developing teams began to receive the equipment needed to play American football and that has helped Turkey to structure their game more professionally.
In 2007, 18 teams were participating and Turkey's amateur league was organized, then in 2008 the federation became a member of IFAF.

Federation:  Korumali Futbol Kisa Tanitim


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Quick Facts

The highest peak in Turkey is Mount Agri, it is also said to be the place where Noah's Ark came to rest
Cherries were first introduced to Europe from Giresun, Northern Turkey
It was in ancient Anatolia, present day Turkey, that writing was first used by people

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