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Football in Bulgaria is in its infancy and the Federation of American Football Bulgaria became members of IFAF in 2008. 
Competitive games are currently played between enthusiastic five teams: Sofia Saints, Sofia Dragons, Sofia Strays, Pleven Bravehearts and Blagoevgrad Griffins.

Federation: Federation of American Football Bulgaria (FAFGB)

Flat 259 Entrance E
Gotse Delchev District
Sofia 1000
Website:          www.americanfootball.bg
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Quick Facts

Peter Petroff, a Bulgarian, developed the first digital wristwatch
The Bulgarian Air Force developed the first air-dropped bomb in military history
John Vincent Atanassoff, the inventor of the first automatic electronic digital computer, was Bulgarian

Yordan Bozhinov

Phone: + 359 899 865 215
Email: office@americanfootball.bg

Anton Doykov

Phone: + 359 878 289 820
Email: antondoykov@gmail.com

Ivo Ikonomov

Phone: + 359 898 596 934
Email: info@sofiabears.bg