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Football is a brand new sport in Croatia.  The first team, Zagreb Thunder, was founded in 2006.  To date this is the only team in Croatia that has played regulation tackle football games and participated in organized league play (CEFL).
In the last few years a few more teams were founded.  Most of them are currently engaging in flag football (Zagreb Capitals, Bjelovar Greenhorns, Split Sea Wolves).  There are also teams that do not engage in any regular activity at the moment but are practicing and trying to get tackle teams established. (Zagreb Raiders, Teutoburgium Pitt Bulls, Vinkovci Centurions).

CAFA was founded in 2008 with the goal to develop football in Croatia in a more concerted and systematic effort.  The federation is focusing primary efforts on education and organization.  The first organizational success is the formation of the Flag League for 2009. The participating teams are: Zagreb Thunder, Zagreb Capitals, Bjelovar Greenhorns, Split Sea Wolves.
Future plans include a tackle league for 2010 and player/coaching clinics in the summer of 2009 to get the new teams started with some basic knowledge about organization, rules, and football fundamentals.

Executive Committee;
President: Sean P. Craig
Vice President: Goran Koščec
General Secretary: Denis Geto

Croatian American Football Association
Dekanići 6
10 000 Zagreb


Website:  www.cafa.hr 

Quick Facts

The necktie has its origin in Croatia
The Croatian national water polo team is the current world champion
The Dalmatian dog originally came from Dalmatia, the coastal region of Croatia

Sean P. Craig

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