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Czech Republic

Federation: Česká asociace amerického fotbalu (ČAAF)
Founded: 1993
Chairman: Filip Hobza
All committees: Contacts

Address: U Slavie 1540/2a, 100 00 Praha 10
Members (as of 31.12.2013): 26 clubs, 1459 individuals
Web: www.caaf.cz
Facebook: www.facebook.com/CAAF.cz

Quick Facts

A Czech, chemist Otto Wichterle, invented the soft contact lenses in 1959
The Czech Republic has the most Wi-Fi subscribers in the European Union
The Charles University in Prague, founded in 1348, is the oldest university in Eastern Europe, and one of the oldest in the world in continuous operation

ČAAF Chairman

Phone: +420 602 958 449
Email: hobza@caaf.cz

ČAAF Office

Phone: +420 775 307 809
Email: info@caaf.cz