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The first game of American football was played in France in 1919 when American soldiers who remained on French territory after the First World War played in the former Parc des Princes stadium.
The first French team Spartacus de Paris was formed in 1980 and in turn the French Federation of American Football (FFFA) was born in 1983 with nine clubs and 600 licensed players.
In 1995, the FFFA created the Elite Championship first division, which was named Casque de Diamant (translated as Helmet of Diamond).  The same year, running back Thibault Giroux became the first French player to be selected for NFL Europe and played for the Barcelona Dragons.  He was followed in later years by the likes of Marc Soumah, Samyr Hamoudi and Phillipe Gardent, who was named Defensive Player of the Year in NFL Europe in 2005.
In 2004, France won its first international title when the junior national team triumphed at the European Junior Championship.  France successfully defended its title in 2006 and claimed third place in Sevilla, Spain, in 2008.
In 2005, the French senior national team took the Bronze Medal at the 2005 World Games in Germany.  
In 2007 France lost to Japan and Sweden in the group stages of the third IFAF World Championship held in Tokyo and to Korea in the fifth place playoff.
In 2010, the French senior national team took the Silver Medal at the European Championship in Germany and claimed sixth place at the 4th IFAF World Championship of American Football in 2011. 
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The Eiffel Tower is 984 feet tall - about the height of a 70-story building
Every summer more than 100 professional cyclists race in the Tour de France – a race that is approximately 2,000 miles long
The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci is displayed at the Louvre

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Phone: +331 43 11 14 70
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Phone: +331 43 11 14 70
Email: communication@fffa.org