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The Japan American Football Association (JAFA) was established in 1934, celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2009, and now consists of 390 teams with more than 18,000 members and players.
JAFA has three different football leagues; 64 corporate-sponsored semi-pro teams, 220 university teams, and 106 high school teams with a bowl game concluding each league.
The Koshien Bowl was established in 1947, making it the oldest championship game in Japanese football history.  The bowl determines the collegiate champion featuring the top team in the east versus the best from the west.
The corporate-sponsored semi-pro league launched the Tokyo Super Bowl in 1987 as their title game, but today is called the Japan X Bowl.
In 1948, the Rice Bowl was developed as an East-West all-star game.  In 1983, its status was changed in celebration of the 50th anniversary of American football in Japan.  Now the Rice Bowl features the champions of the Koshien Bowl and the Japan X Bowl in determining Japan’s national champion.
The game takes place annually during the national New Year’s holiday.  The Japan X Bowl champions hold the series lead over the Koshien champions.
The Japanese senior national team won the first even IFAF (International Federation of American Football) World Championship in Italy in 1999 and successfully defended the title four years later in Germany.  In 2007 Japan lost the championship game on home soil to the United States.

Federation: Japan American Football Association (JAFA)

President                       Toyohisa Asada
Vice President                Moriyasu Saeki
Senior Executive Director            Makoto Kaneuji
Director                         Kunihiko Ikeno
Director                         Koji Ishiuchi
Director                         Yoshiki Ito
Director                         Takayoshi Koguchi
Director                         Hiroshi Kobayashi
Director                         Masahito Tanaka
Director                         Shuji Tomita
Director                         Toshiyuki Noda
Director                         Hidetsugu Hirai
Director                         Hidehito Hirokawa
Director                         Moriyuki Fukazawa
Director                         Koso Fujii
Director                         Yoshiaki Furugo
Director                         Kenji Furuya
Director                         Kouji Yamada
Director                         Shigeyuki Watanabe
Autidor                          Kiyohisa Arai
Auditor                          Akihiko Miura

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1-16-1, Kita-Shinagawa,
Tokyo, 140-0001,

Website:       www.americanfootball.jp

Quick Facts

More than 70% of Japan consists of mountains
There are four different writing systems in Japan
Japan is the largest automobile producer in the world

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