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South Korea

The Korea American Football Association (KAFA) is responsible for all amateur American Football in Korea.  KAFA was formed in 1947 and by 2009, 37 college and 8 club teams were registered with KAFA.
The championship game of the national collegiate tournament is called the Tiger Bowl. Also, the club teams compete in the KNFL (Korea National Football League) and its championship game is called teh Kwangeto Bowl.  The winner of each bowl game goes to the All-Korea national championship – the Kimchi Bowl - to determine the country’s national champion.  The Kimchi bowl is held middle of January, the year following the regular season.

Federation:  Korean American Football Association (KAFA)

Executive Committee:
President of KAFA: Mr. Eui-Gon CHOI
Secretary General: Mr. Sangeon AN
Director of International Cooperation Committee (ICC): Suk Hoo YOON, PH.D

President of KNFL, KAFA: Mr. Deuk-Soo Choi

President of Flag Football Federation, KAFA: Jae-Shik Park

President of Seoul American Football Association, KAFA: Kil-Soo Kim

President of Busan American Football Association, KAFA: Tae-Kyoo Park

President of Taegu American Football Association, KAFA: In-Suk Cheon

#1370 Sankyuck-Dong, Buk-Ku, KNU,
Dept. of Bio-Industry Machinery Engg. 
Taegu 702-701, Korea

Website:  www.KAFA.org
Email:  KAFA@KAFA.org


Quick Facts

The martial art Taekwondo originated in Korea
Korea made significant breakthroughs in science by producing the world’s first cloned dog
Incheon International Airport has been consecutively rated as the best airport in the world

KK Park

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Eui-Gon Choi

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Fax: 82-51-463-7809, 7810
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