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The Mongolia American Football Association (MAFA) was established in September 2009 to promote American football and flag football sport in Mongolia.  It is a non-profit and non-government organization.  At the moment MAFA’s main activity is to help broadcast NFL games re-runs through TV channels with commentaries, to hold football events at middle and high schools, to connect American football fans of Mongolia events such as Super Bowl party and games.
MAFA’s first organized tournament was held in August 1st of 2011 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia with the six teams under the title of “Independence Bowl.”
Federation: Mongolia American Football Association (MAFA)
Jargalsaikhan Banzragch

Vice President
Batbayar Davaa

Executive Director
Tsog Chimeg-Ochir

Bum-Erdene Khariyu

International Relation’s Manager
Bat-Erdene Altankhuyag

Building 52, Door 16
19th Subdistrict,
Bayangol district,
Ulaanbaatar, 18073,
(976) 99022233
(976) 99101179

Quick Facts

Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar is the world’s coldest capital city.
Biggest statue of Genghis Khan is in Mongolia which about 40 meter (131 foot) tall.
The last of the world’s true wild horses are in Mongolia, known as TAKHI.
Mongolia has the oldest National Park in the world which is origins from 1778.

Bat-Erdene Altankhuyag

Phone: +1 412 - 378 - 2645
Email: a.baterdene@mafa.mn