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December of 2009 was the inaugural year of American football in the Philippines. No one ever thought that American football would be introduced to the Philippines - specifically Manila – due to the country’s hot and humid weather. An architect by profession; a football fan by passion, Mr. Bernardo “Dodi” A. Palma II, tackled the unimaginable, founded and established the first American football league in the country called ArenaBall Philippines (ABP).  The 5 foot-6 inch, 150-pound, 36-year-old thin-haired guy from Marikina, a small City east of Manila, braved what no other Filipino or American living in the Philippines had ever thought could be possible.
In April of 2010, ArenaBall Philippines Season One’s first official game was played under the bright night lights of the Marikina Sports Park with 4 pioneer teams, and over 100 players braving the physically demanding and brutal game of American football, like gladiators battling for pride and glory in the arena. After 15 official games, one team emerged undefeated as the first ArenaBowl Champion -- the Bandits.  A team full of experienced flag football players demolished the rest of the teams with their savvy play-making and tough defense.
After 4 years, 4 seasons, 300 players, ABP continues to promote American football throughout the Philippines.  The league has done training outside Metro Manila including provinces in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. 
June 2012 marked another milestone for American Football in the Philippines, with the founding of the American Tackle Football Association of the Philippines (ATFAP), which was formed to be the governing body of American and flag football in the Philippines.  ATFAP is headed by Mr. Beranrdo “Dodi” Palma II and his trusted co-founders and Executive Board of Directors, namely, Mr. Apollo Angco and Mr. Jon Yamsuan.
One year later, ATFAP was given membership by the Philippine Olympic Committee, which ultimately leads to the forming of The Aguilas Pilipinas, the first tackle football Philippine Team ready and proud to carry the Philippine flag to new heights!
The American Tackle Football Association of the Philippines (ATFAP) made history by being a member of the International Federation of American Football (IFAF). Bernardo A. Palma II, the founding member of ATFAP and President of ArenaBall Philippines (ABP), was invited by the prestigious IFAF to attend the Women’s World Championship and the IFAF Congress last July 4th to 5th, 2013 at Helsinki, Finland.
Bernardo A. Palma II – President
Apollo Angco – Chairman
JJ Cocjin – Vice President for Tackle Football
Paul Le – Vice President for Flag Football
Nathan Tioseco – Managing Director
Wally dela Cruz  - Managing Director
Paul Reyes – Managing Director
Benjamin Padua – Managing Director
Eduardo Yamsuan – Managing Director
Emilio Lim – Managing Director
ABP, ATFAP and Aguilas Pilipinas….Pioneers of American tackle football in the Philippines!

Mabuhay ang Atletang Pilipino!