Game Film Tool Overview

Save time and money with our Game Film Tool powered by Watch Game Film. Our game film management tool empowers you to teach, communicate and prepare beyond the practice.

We've put the essential features of game film management into a simple user interface that every player, parent and coach can understand.

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  • Quickly upload gigabytes of video
  • Share film privately & easily
  • Exchange film with other teams
  • Send comments to coaches & players
  • Improve team preparation
  • No wasted time & money creating DVDs
  • Strong privacy & access controls
  • Unlimited phone & email support
  • Share game film, scrimmage film, practice film, scout film and instructional videos with your coaching staff, players and parents online.
  • Make comments on any part of the video, allowing easy and effective communication with your coaches and players.
  • Exchange film with other teams in your league, conference or organization instantly online.
  • Upload photographs and documents to share with your team. Have all your internal team documentation online and available to coaches and players (playbooks, scouting reports, etc.).