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Reporting & Administration Take control of your league with a full suite of financial and administrative tools.

Financial Reporting

  • Robust financial reporting
  • Breaks down revenue by category and by event, including adjustments and refunds
  • Breaks down payments by credit card, check and cash
  • Tracks who owes you money or who needs refunds
  • Communicate easily with those who owe you money
  • Members can log onto their account and make payments
  • Notices about balances due automatically appear in the member account
  • Make adjustments to accounts
  • Easy 2-click credit card refunds
  • Record check refunds
  • Complete accounts receivable tracking by family
  • Auto-payment plans for automated electronic deductions each month


  • Keep historical data for years
  • Great audit trails
  • Give access to unlimited users
  • Limit access by feature or data
  • Customize settings in your system
  • Document library for critical documents you want to share

Admin Reports

  • Many useful preconfigured reports
  • Report wizard so you can create your own reports
  • "Save" feature lets you save your reports.