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High quality coaches can bring considerable success to the team on the field. Moreover however, coaching is one of the most important factors in developing, sustaining and increasing participation across the sport, providing a platform for the on-going development of the game.

The coaching of American football is famously synonymous with a chalk board covered in Xs and Os with various arrow lines showing routes for players to run. In truth however, the coaching of football is far more than that. A coach can have many roles and a host of responsibilities encompassing areas such as the tactical, technical, physical and psychological development of the players.

IFAF requires all members to demonstrate a commitment to providing a coaching pathway and support system which aids the recruitment, retention and development of coaches across both contact and non-contact football.

IFAF recognises that it is not just the responsibility of the federation to promote good coaching practice. One of the key characteristics of a good coach is someone who is committed to lifelong learning and reflective practice.


World Championship

World Championship

2023 World Championship - Australia