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Football is great fun which means it’s a great way for kids to make friends and to get fit and healthy.

And while they’re playing it, they are also develop important skills, from hand-eye coordination in throwing and catching to agility, balance and coordination. Moreover, they learn how to compete in a spirit of teamwork, sportsmanship and mutual respect.

Flag football in particular, is a game for all ages and abilities. Girls and boys can play together, so it’s perfect for mixed classes.

Many member nations have established a wide range of activities designed to make the sport of football accessible to school children and students of every age and background and to ensure that it complements a young person's overall development.

Central to this is the ethos which places the child at the heart of the development and using flag football as a vehicle for their skill and personal development.

In 2016 the School Games in England embraced American football. The British federation, working in partnership with the world renown Youth Sport Trust, produced a series of free, downloadable resource cards for teachers working in Primary (4-11 years) and Secondary (11 years +) education. These provide key teaching points and game ideas for use in school.

These resources can be found here:

Using football to support a young person's development is at the heart of the NFL's Play60 initiative.

Check out the online Play60 resources here


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