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The International Federation of American Football (IFAF) is the international governing body for the sport of American football and is responsible for all regulatory, competition, performance and development aspects of the game on a global level.

The first national American Football federation outside of the United States was founded in Canada in 1896, as Canada already had a long history with Canadian football. Japan was also an early adopter of American football, establishing its national federation in 1936. The first European federation was formed in 1976.

In 1998 the International Federation of American Football was officially formed.

Its mission and purpose include the following:

The organisation and promotion of all amateur international competitions across both contact and non contact versions of the game. The promotion of the game and the provision of educational and innovative resources for the football community to help strengthen the growth of American Football for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.
The regulation of the game on and off the field of play through oversight of its rules.
The recognition and support of national federations as they develop the game in their respective countries.
The representation of the global game to international partners, be they sporting organisations, federations or commercial interests.

The International Federation of American Football (IFAF) is registered in France as a non-profit organisation.

The work of IFAF is led by the IFAF Presidium which is part of the IFAF Executive Board.

The current IFAF President is Richard MacLean (Canada)

In turn, the Executive Board oversees the work of a staffing structure comprised of Managers and Officers who support the delivery of the sport across a series of committees.

IFAF has five continental federations, each of which oversees competition and development at a continental level.

Contact details for the Executive Board and core staff can be found on the Contacts page.

Contact details for the various committees can be found on the Committees Page.

Contact details for the member nations can be found under their respective continental headings in the Nations section.

Presidential Biography - Richard MacLean

As an IFAF Board Member for the past two years and Chair for the Americas Region Richard MacLean understands the need and importance of aligning goals and priorities around the football world. The past-President of Football Canada and prior to that as President of Football Nova Scotia (2004-2012) MacLean has always been able to reorganize and restructure organizations to help them reach new levels of potential and efficiency.

As President of Football Canada he initiated a Board restructure, helped the organization gain recognition with the Canadian Olympic Committee and negotiated a long term partnership agreement with the Canadian Football League. Additionally, he served as chair the National Junior Team Program for Football Canada in 2012 - the year Team Canada's enjoyed success in winning the gold medal at the 2012 IFAF World Junior Championships in Austin, Texas.

A native of Halifax, Nova Scotia, MacLean holds a Masters of Education in Educational Leadership from Mount St. Vincent University as well as a Graduate Diploma in Mediation, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from Saint Mary's University.

MacLean is a high school teacher with the Halifax Regional School Board where he teaches Business Management and Entrepreneurship. He has previously served on the Alumni Board of Saint Mary's University as well as KidSport.

MacLean has coached both flag and tackle football at all levels from youth to university. As a player, he enjoyed a successful CIS career with the Saint Mary's University Huskies where he served as team captain and was a CIS First Team All-Canadian in 1990 and also drafted by the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL.


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