10 March 2018

National Federation of Cameroon host Women's Camp for 500 as Football Grows in Country.

On the weekend of March 3 and 4 the campus of the American School of Yaounde played host to close to 500 women and girls, all of whom were there for one reason – to play American football.

The event, tied to International Women’s Day, was organised by the Cameroon American Football Association (CAFA), the national federation newly recognised by the Government.

In an interview with esteemed local journalist George C. Neba, the President of CAFA, Mr. Awasum Jr, spoke proudly of the effort and commitment of those taking part and said that the inspiration behind the event was ‘to develop a sporting-spirit in women and girls – and to empower them through the use of sports”.

IFAF Managing Director welcomed the work of CAFA. “President Awasum Jr has been keeping us closely briefed on the work which he and colleagues have been doing in Cameroon. It is fabulous that not only is football being promoted as a great sport but also as a tremendous vehicle to deliver multiple health and social benefits to communities across Cameroon.”


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