01 July 2020

Key personnel start planning for 2021 and beyond

The duties of the IFAF Continental Committees for competitions and marketing & commercial issues have been determined, and the Welfare Committee has nearly been finalized. All members are very enthusiastic and already working well together on multiple objectives.

We are delighted to announce that two of the three Continental Committees in the European section of the IFAF have started work. The Competition Committee’s assignments were defined yesterday evening, while the members of the Marketing & Commercial Committee have already been operational for several weeks.

These are the people to whom we have entrusted the important task of coordinating the work to strengthen the IFAF brand and organize the key area associated with European tackle and flag football competitions in the most effective way possible:


Fabio Tortosa (ITA)
Tristan Genet (FRA)
Javier Carrasco (ESP)
Christophe Olenaed (BEL)


Christoph Seyrl (AUT)
Gianvittorio Zandonà (NL)
Pierre Trochet (FRA)
Barbara Allaria (ITA

We still have a few days to wait until the definitive lineup of the Welfare Committee is revealed as the international board is currently screening some of the prospective members.

We are counting on maximum cooperation from all member states, and wish to thank the abovementioned people for accepting their appointments. We know they will tackle every task with verve and passion in pursuit of our sole shared goal of growing our sport across Europe and around the rest of the world.


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