09 September 2017

Host nation sweep European Flag Titles

Denmark swept all before them at the 2017 European Flag Championships as both the women’s and men’s teams defeated Israel to secure gold medals in the finale to two fiercely competitive tournaments.

In the women’s championship Danish class shone through from the start as they opened with a touchdown on one of their first drives and powered to a 33-6 victory.

In the men’s final a powerful Israeli offence meant that the Danish defense had to be on their toes. However, tournament MVP Silas Meyer Juhlin proved irresistible and led his team to a 33-19 victory.


Day 1
Sweden vs. Israel (M): 33-40

Israel vs. Finland (W): 40-6

Israel vs. Norway (M): 51-13

Denmark vs. Israel (W): 19-26

Denmark vs. Israel (M): 48-22

Day 2

Denmark vs. Sweden (M): 54-12

Norway vs. Great Britain (M): 9-39

Denmark vs. Finland (W): 53-6

Great Britain vs. Sweden (M): 24-29

Norway vs. Denmark (M): 6-66

Great Britain vs. Denmark (W): 0-32

Great Britain vs. Denmark (W): 6-48

Sweden vs. Norway (M): 39-6

Finland vs. Great Britain (W): 6-32

Day 3

Israel vs. Great Britain (W): 19-24

Israel vs. Great Britain (M): 39-32

Bronze: Great Britain vs. Finland (W): 34-6

Bronze: Great Britain vs. Sweden (M): 19-12

Final: Denmark vs. Israel (W): 33-6

Final: Denmark vs. Israel (W): 39-19

IFAF President Richard MacLean congratulated all teams which took part and gave special praise for the referees 'Throughout the tournament not only did we see the tremendous athleticism of the players but some superb officiating.'

'I would like to express our sincere thanks to all who contributed to a great Championships.' added MacLean.


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