01 February 2019

IFAF seeks to appoint members to continental officiating committees

The International Federation of American Football has today launched the appointments process for capacity-building officiating committees around the world.

Nominations are being sought for the following roles:

Africa: Chair of Officiating Committee

Asia: Chair of Officiating Committee

Americas: Chair of Officiating Committee

Europe: Training Lead: Coordinator of Officials (Flag); Performance Lead.

Mac Kaneuji, IFAF Director for Game Development, welcomed the opening of the process. ‘The work of officials is vital to IFAF. We look forward to appointing people to the advertised roles and working to support officiating around the world.’

The process for nominating a candidate.

The appointment of Continental Committee Chairs and Members is made by the Board.

Any candidate must be proposed by a Full or Associate Member of that continent*.

By way of a nomination form IFAF will accept:

A nomination letter on federation-headed paper and signed by a recognised member of that federation’s leadership team i.e. President; General Secretary.

This should be accompanied by the candidate’s Covering Letter and their CV**

Where a person is proposed by a nation which is not their nationality (as denoted by their passport) there must be consent provided by the National Association of that nation from where the candidate originates or in the absence of a member National Association, by the majority vote of the Board.

All successful candidates will be required to declare any conflicts of interest.

All nominations should come in one email containing the nomination letter, application letter, and CV.

All submissions should be made to

Closing date: Friday 15 February.

Terms of Reference
Role Descriptions 

*If you are unsure as to the status of a nation please email

**The CV should not include core personal data including full address and date of birth


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