16 April 2020

Players, clubs and federations pay tribute

Around the world players, clubs and federations are taking the opportunity to pay tribute to their emergency services, carers and key workers as they tackle the coronavirus.

The Italian federation have been publishing a list of their members who have worked tirelessly in recent weeks to treat the ill and ensure essential services are maintained.

In Spain clubs and the federation have been turning their logos green in tribute whilst their British counterparts have been busy turning theirs blue in honour of the National Health Service.

Videos and images from around the world have shown people from the football community raising money and donating their time for free to serve others.

Richard MacLean, IFAF President, welcomed the initiatives. ‘Recent weeks have seen unprecedented changes in the lives of many. At a time when so many are facing real challenges it is great to see people unite to contribute and to pay tribute in this way.’


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