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All those involved in football have a ‘Duty of Care’ to athletes and participants, in both elite and grassroots sport, with the aim of ensuring that as many people as possible can engage in sport and that they can do so in a safe way, with their career and life after their career supported.

Across these our welfare pages and manifest in our Corporate Documents we have looked to identify some of the core issues to provide information on and to ensure that we reflect good practice.

The issues we seek to address include:

Education and support in specific sport-related areas, including anti­-doping, anti­-corruption, match-­fixing and whistle-blowing.

Safeguarding for children and adults (participants, employees and volunteers) including medical screening and education of employees/volunteer.

Mental health support - both preventative and reactive, and building on the Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation.

Concussion and management of catastrophic sporting events:

  • Prevention and management of catastrophic incidents
  • Prevention and management of concussion and other medical issues (e.g. medical checks, defibrillators, rules on concussion)
  • Timely and appropriate incident reviews, and embedding lessons learned.

Equality and diversity - any specific considerations about the above-mentioned topics in relation to:

  • Women
  • Ethnic minorities
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people
  • Disability.

    We endeavour to keep these pages up to date but recommend that all readers check with their national sporting agencies for the latest good practice and any country-specific regulations which may exist.


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